Doctor’s Choice

From early on, the Joint Doctor led a unique quest: to develop the fastest, most compact plants. His revolutionary strain Lowryder launched the age of Autoflowers.Through Doctor’s Choice, the Joint Doctor offers premium seeds selected for high yields, stability and superior taste.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion was the second European Cannabis Seed Company, established in Amsterdam in 1987. It is our mission to supply the recreational and medical home grower with the highest quality cannabis seeds available in all countries where growing is legally allowed.

Fast Buds

In a world of constant progress, here at Fast Buds, we understand it’s important to evolve with the world that is going faster and faster everyday. For this reason we have dedicated over 10 years of hard work on perfecting and refining our autoflowering genetics.

Green House Seed Company

The Green House Seed Company is the most successful cannabis business in the world. Our seeds are neither genetically modified nor fungicidally treated. Winner of many international awards (40 High times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, and many more private awards in many countries), it is leader in cannabis genetics. Arjan, owner and founder, has … Read more

EcoTrio Labs

EcoTrio Labs, S.L is premium CBD seeds producer for authorized massive flower and biomass farming.  This is the one of a few seed producers licensed by the Spanish Government and the only one with Global G.A.P. quality certificate. EcoTrio Labs maintain a steadfast commitment to the highest quality standards, aiming ourselves as a premier European … Read more

Pyramid Seeds

We are a world-renowned cannabis seed bank for more than a decade. We are professionals in the industry and we offer a high quality of genetics with unique, own and outstanding varieties in the market, and we are specialized in the commercialization of cannabis seeds. We work and offer two types of seeds: Feminized and … Read more


A team of inspired guys from different countries, united by good relations and common ideas, founded their own seedbank IZI. This new seedbank could gain the trust of many growers from northern regions thanks to undemanding IZI strains. The strains are resistant to diseases, pests, and poor weather. Even a beginner can easily grow a … Read more

Barney’s Farm Seeds

It was the late 1980s and high atop the Himalayas, heavy snow hurling its way down from the skies, a small group of breeders began to cross-breed marijuana strains carefully selected from every corner of the Middle East and Asia. Bountiful harvests of Sativa and Indica cultivars kept the group's spirits up during a 3 year … Read more

Royal Queen

Before our seed bank was created in 2007, RQS had long-time knowledge and passion for cannabis breeding. Following enormous interest in our strains, we opened our first shop in Amsterdam, the Damstraat location, in 2010. In 2011 we launched the Royal Queen Seeds website. Propelled by continuous demand, we opened another shop in Amsterdam in … Read more

Sweet Seeds

With a track record of more than 15 years and nearly 90 varieties, some of them already classics of the cannabis scene, numerous trophies and a consolidated presence at international level, Sweet Seeds® is positioned as one of the oldest seed banks, always keeping intact its commitment to quality with its customers and with its … Read more

Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. Around that time, in Amsterdam, many coffeeshops started to sell imported hash from India, Afghanistan or Morocco and weed from Thailand, Colombia, Mexico or Malawi. Most of this was of poor quality. But things were changing, new types were introduced from the U.S that were early crossbreeds of higher … Read more

Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is one of the longest established seed-companies in Holland, concentrating on the production of high-quality, stable and consistent varieties of cannabis seeds. The production of top quality cannabis-strains for medical and recreational purposes are our highest priority. Independent and reliable lab tests (over 20 years of experience in this field) have shown that … Read more

Super Sativa Seed Club

The Super Sativa Seed Club (SSSC) was founded in Amsterdam by Karel Schelfhout in 1985 focusing on high quality cannabis strains. His mission: to spread cannabis seeds around the world and empower cannabis consumers to grow their own cannabis from the very best genetics. The Super Sativa Seed Club received a High Times Hall of … Read more

Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada is a sub-division of DNA Genetics, consisting of experienced breeders from the West Coast of America. All seeds offered by Reserva Privada are manufactured from premium cannabis strains and are batch tested to ensure quality and productivity. All the seeds are highly productive and offer uncompromising level of quality with each strain winning … Read more


DNA Genetics perhaps one of the most well known and regarded cannabis brands in the world was established over thirteen years ago in Amsterdam. At the time it was the only market that provided a place for legal and commercial cannabis activity. During this period DNA Genetics were able to develop their brand as well … Read more


We’ve been making history in the marijuana world since 2017, creating a community of loyal customers by offering high quality cannabis seeds from the world’s top cannabis breeders at the most competitive price anywhere on the market. Our breeders only produce high quality cannabis seeds. We never compromise on the quality of our seeds and … Read more


Kannabia is one of Spain’s first and largest seedbanks, having developed master skills in cannabis breeding over the years. Kannabia is all about the grower,

Nuka Seeds

Nukaseeds is a new brand and exciting seedbank. In their offer you will find both feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds as well as a special CBD variety of cannabis. All cannabis seeds from Nukaseeds are premium, fresh and of high quality.

Buddha Seeds

Buddha Seeds is a Spanish company with more than 15 years’ experience producing cannabis seeds. Buddha Seeds focuses on genetic improvement to produce and maintain its


Grass-O-Matic was one of the first seedbanks to focus completely on the development of autoflowering strains. All the great strains offered are 100% autoflowering and feminized,

Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds is a cannabis seed bank whose history dates back to the late 90’s, created by people passionate about cannabis Sativa genetics. In 2008 the company joined the

Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is the multifaceted company of Ben Dronkers, who founded it in 1985. Ever since then he and his family and friends have continued their mission to do whatever it takes to enhance, protect , promote and love cannabis in all its forms, and mostly to protect and further develop its genotypes for future … Read more

Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds is a cannabis seed bank from Barcelona, Spain. They have a relatively small, but have an impressive catalog of strains for those wanting to add some variety to their cannabis garden.

Strain Hunters

Arjan, Franco and Simon, the Strain Hunters, launched their Seed Bank in 2013 and strive to offer the best land races. They travel the world on their quest to find cannabis land races in order to preserve and share them with growers and breeders

Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana’s history can be traced way back to the end of the 1980s. At the time, Nirvana’s founder Mau was working at Positronics, the legendary Amsterdam grow shop.

Trikoma Seeds

Seedbank located in Barcelona. The main interest is to offer high quality seeds at a very affordable price. They present you a list of excellent genetics at your service, the strains that are of much higher prices in the market. All seeds are 99% feminized. Work to improve genetics every year, creating more productive strains … Read more

Original Sensible Seeds

In 1992 Original Sensible Seeds set out on an incredible journey to pioneer a unique business and bring what was available in Amsterdam to the UK developing hydroponic and automated growth systems together with a unique blend of cannabis seeds. Working with classic stable genetics Original Sensible created strains like Bigger Pine and PR#1 - … Read more

Positronics Seeds

The enterprise called Positronics was the first ever growshop in the Netherlands founded by the Potfather of Hemp and Cannabis called Wernard Bruining. Positronics Seeds Company worked closely and actively in the development and delivery of the first hybrids of Cannabis in the early eighties. Was achieved, not just problems, new varieties exported to the … Read more

The Cali Connection

The Cali Connection is a Seed Company with one intention, to supply the world with Cali's best genetics in seed form. The Connection is the umbrella for some of Cali's best breeders. These breeders from SoCal to NorCal have obtained and have been growing Cali's finest for years and look forward to providing their favorites … Read more


Blimburn Seeds has spent several years building a bank of high-quality beans that are 100% unique to this breeder alone. Even where this seed bank lists the all-time classic strains that are available elsewhere, they’re bred from the most exquisite and exclusive genetics to guarantee unstoppable results. Bilmburn pride themselves on being true breeders focused … Read more

TGA Seeds

TGA Seeds is a very nice breeder formed in the year 2001 by a real small group of medical marihuanagrower to create medical strains which offer qualities high over the industry standards. TGA had the idea to do an "open source breeding" to get informations and datas from thousands of medical weed grower. With theese … Read more

Soma Seeds

Back in 1967, Soma was working at IBM as a mail clerk in the office products division on Madison Avenue in NYC. Another employee helped him to get some Marijuana rolled up in joints. Right after work, he walked down to the East River dressed in his three-piece suit and tie and lit up his … Read more

Kalashnikov Seeds

Kalashnikov Seeds is a popular seedbank founded in 2012. The founders of this seedbank are growers who had a military experience in the past, they started breeding in 2022 in different regions of Russia: from North to South. The mail idea of Kalashnikov Seeds is to study and develop AK-47 (Serious Seeds) genetics, so popular … Read more

Cali Buds Seeds

The Cali Buds Seeds is a seed company with one intention, to supply the world with Cali’s best genetics in seed form. Our breeders from South California to North California have obtained and have been growing Cali’s finest for years and look forward to providing their favorites with the rest of the world. The possibilities … Read more

Humboldt Seed Company

Quality is number one priority of Humboldt Seed Company. The HSC cannabis seeds are bred by experts with decades of experience. They’re guaranteed to produce at the highest potential. Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) was founded in 2001 by biologists in Humboldt County, California breeding initially for patients under the state’s Prop. 215 Medical Marijuana Initiative. … Read more

R-kiem Seeds

R-kiem seeds was founded in 1998 as a result of national and international breeders’ and geneticists’ collaboration. R-kiem seeds’ main aim has been always to keep up the genetics by means of breeding new hybrids and polyhibrids and at the same time maintaining the specific character of the original strains. Maintaining and developing genetics is … Read more