Kalashnikov Seeds is a popular seedbank founded in 2012. The founders of this seedbank are growers who had a military experience in the past, they started breeding in 2022 in different regions of Russia: from North to South.

The mail idea of Kalashnikov Seeds is to study and develop AK-47 (Serious Seeds) genetics, so popular in 1990- 2000. So, AK-47 makes the basis of the seedbank’s assortment. Today Kalashnikov Seeds can offer 8 photoperiodical stains, 7 autoflowering, and 5 fast growing strains.

Kalashnikov Seeds’ breeders used to work with Cannabis Ruderalis, that grows in the northern regions, that’s why their strains are adapted to cool climate and outdoor growing.

Kalashnikov Seeds paid a special attention to the packaging: a small square box you can open only breaking it. It guarantees originality and quality of the products. Each pack includes a catalogue describing all the strains, and it also has a sticker stating the number of seeds inside. Seeds are packed din plastic tubes with a good and eco friendly filler, that protects the seeds from moisture, damage, or temperature changes.