Seedbank located in Barcelona. The main interest is to offer high quality seeds at a very affordable price. They present you a list of excellent genetics at your service, the strains that are of much higher prices in the market.

All seeds are 99% feminized. Work to improve genetics every year, creating more productive strains with tasty aromas. In Trikoma concerned with Evolving in the Environmentally Responsibility, developing strains that adapt to the cultivation processes of both professionals and amateurs. All the plants that offers in they catalogue have already been cultivated by them previously, and they observed development and growth in order to offer you high quality seeds of each genetics. The data provided by Trikoma seedbank is accurate. The times and productions that put in each strain are verified in optimal cultivation conditions.

In Trikoma Seeds offer you all strains with a single price of 15 € per 5 units. Seed bank provide maximum quality of genetics and flavor at a minimum price. Once you cultivate any of seeds you will be satisfied with the production quality and quantity rates. They offer classic strains, identical to those that other banks produce, but at much lower prices while maintaining the same quality.