Welcome discount

Each new customer is offered a 10% discount for the first order after completing the registration.


A good deal

A 10% discount is offer for purchasing 10 and more equal products.

Ex: Buying 10 packs of «Chronic” fem (SS) 6 seeds a 10% discount is provided.  This discount is valid only for 10 and more packs of one and the same product, but not for different products or  less quantity.


3% CashBack

3% of every paid order is transferred to a personal account balance. This cash back can be used to pay up to 30% of the next orders. Twice a year, on the 1st of January and the 1st of July, the cashback becomes invalid.


Referral program

Get a 5% discount for each encouraged customer.

• The discount is valid if the encouraged customer makes any purchase.
• A 5% discount is offered with a special promo code that can be used for one order only.
• The promo code is valid for 3 months.
• A promo code discount is summed up with “A good deal” discount.